The Internet is full of inspiration, especially for scrapbooking!

Which of these describes you?

The Newbie – You’re new to scrapbooking and want to learn ALL THE THINGS 

The Skeptic – You’re a more experienced scrapbooker but you want to try something new and stretch your creative wings. 

The Artist – You are super comfortable with ink and paint but you want to start preserving your family history and your memories in a way that feels authentic to YOUR mixed media style.

If you relate to ANY of these descriptions then check out the NEW mixed media page kit from Piece Craft Love!

The Level 1 Kit has the basics to get you started adding mixed media to your page using a stencil and ink, and a few extras.

Still not sure? Well why don’t you check out Kimberly’s video to see how she uses the kit to make an AMAZING scrapbook page! Adding a little bit of ink with a stencil is the PERFECT way to make a page really sing!

The best part of this kit is that the stencil can be used over and over and with many other types of media! If Level 1 seems a little easy-peasy, don’t worry because soon more kits will be added with more Levels so this is a great way to learn the basics and continue to grow!

Stay tuned for more mix media scrapbooking fun to come!

Happy Crafting,

~ Anna

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