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Hi, my name is Marcia. I was a Biology major in college and still love watching National Geographic and reading about new developments in science.  In order to keep the scientific, analytical side of my brain balanced, I have dove head-first into allowing my artsy-fartsy side to blossom (and I’m loving every minute of it).

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Welcome to the team Marcia

I’ve worked with Marcia over over a year now. Her card making ability always blows me away and I love to hear about the crafty adventures with her kiddos! I always know I can send her a photo of a card I’m working on and she will offer constructive criticism and help me make it so much better! I really appreciate Marcia’s support from the beginning, she has always been very generous with allowing me to share the projects she makes as well! As always, lots of inspiration from Marcia, she gave me the confidence to dive more into making cards and I know she will for you too!

Make sure you follow her in all the social places because she is constantly creating and posting amazing work!

That wraps up the Creative Ambassador introductions! Be on the look out for more posts from this team in all the social places!

Happy Crafting,


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  1. Aww, thank you so much!! You are such a wonderful person and I have loved flexing my mixed media muscle with your awesome inspiration and guidance. Thank you for your friendship. 🙂

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