For the month of April, I’m going to focus on the color yellow! This is a difficult color for me, since I’m typically drawn to the cool colors, blue (aqua), green and even purple sometimes. But since I started focusing on a color each month (February was pink/red, March was green), I decided I needed to choose a color outside my comfort zone so YELLOW it is!

Yellow Mood Board
Mood Board for April – YELLOW

To get me inspired, I created a mood board, as you can see, not all of these images are solely yellow. That’s because color doesn’t happen in isolation, and the other colors, even greys and black can help offset the sometimes jarring effect of the sunshiny color like yellow!

I hope you’ll join me on this monthly color challenge. The first thing I’m going to do is get myself up and go to my Craft Cave and set a timer, then grab all the yellow items in my craft stash! Of course I will snap a picture (or film a quick video) and share that over on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to play along, grab your yellow supplies and snap a picture, then tag your picture with #PCLCOLORCHALLENGE and also please tag me @piececraftlove so I know you are joining in!

You can share on Instagram or on my Facebook Page, write up your own blog post and link back here, mention and link to me on your YouTube video, whatever you do to join this challenge, be sure to drop me a message so I know about it! I’ll add your name to a list and at the end of the month I’ll draw a name to win a $25 gift certificate to the store! Every photo you tag me in or send me will be another entry for the drawing!

Here are the photo prompts for this challenge:

Week 1: Supplies/Color Inspiration

Week 2: Palette

Week 3: Backgrounds

Week 4: Focal points

I want to make this SUPER easy so I’m just doing one prompt for each week of the month. As the month goes along we will explore this color and the supplies to create some fun projects by the end of the month!

Oh and if you go to pull your supplies and you realize that your stash is really lacking the color YELLOW, please let me help you out with that! I’ve created an awesome page called PCL Color Challenge where you can see an AWESOME assortment of the various media in the color YELLOW!

So will you join me on this challenge? Please drop me a comment below so I know you are going to play along!

Happy Crafting,


P.S. I need to get to 1000 subscribers before I can start doing live YouTube broadcasts, please hop over to my channel and subscribe. It would really help me out.

2 Responses

  1. So–you just want us to post a picture of yellow supplies–not a project? I don’t reach for yellow except to make something for a friend who loves it. But I do like it in the Spring & a bit here & there. Would love to play along. PS–subscribed to your YouTube channel.

    1. Hey Greta! You can absolutely make something if you want, feel free to share and tag as well! For now we’re taking it slow so the main prompt is to just gather supplies. If you feel inspired to create something, go for it! The reason I chose yellow is that I RARELY ever choose it on purpose. In can’t even think of the last time I did! Thanks for subscribing to the channel and I look forward to seeing what you gather/create!

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