Introducing Mixed Media Page Kits

The Internet is full of inspiration, especially for scrapbooking! Which of these describes you? The Newbie – You’re new to scrapbooking and want to learn ALL THE THINGS  The Skeptic – You’re a more experienced scrapbooker but you want to try something new and stretch your creative wings.  The Artist – You are super comfortable with ink and paint […]

LIVE Face to Face and Virtual Classes Coming Soon

I’m finally doing something I’ve always wanted to do! I’m going to offer REAL LIFE IN PERSON classes! I’ve partnered with an AWESOME local shop (Clothyard Fabrics) to use her AMAZING space (she also has a TON of awesome fabric and yarn!) and I just know this is going to be an amazing collaboration!  I’m putting the classes […]

Welcome Creative Ambassador Team

I’m so excited to share that after pondering it for a VERY long time I realized that I just cannot do EVERYTHING on my own and I needed some help. So I decided it was time to form an AMAZING team of Creative Ambassadors who are going to stretch their creative muscles and flex their […]