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In 2021, I hosted a PCL Color Challenge and I did it almost every month. I chose a different color to focus on which would push me beyond my comfort zone (and honestly, give me an excuse to collect more supplies!) It was so fun to see y’all play along with the challenge using the tag #PCLColorChallenge. 

This year, instead of choosing ONE color to focus on, I thought I’d work with a few colors at a time, inspired by a theme or collection and then along that line I’m going to turn it into a monthly HOP! (Because, why not?)

As I mentioned before theme for January is Self-Care. I wanted to also feature Self-LOVE as the theme for February (in case Valentine’s Day doesn’t really spark joy, I hoped that a focus on loving yourself could be a nice twist on the traditional focus of the season). I know that self-care is a sort of general term and it really can mean so many things to so many people.

I’ve even gotten my Creative Ambassadors on board with this idea and they are helping me cook up some awesome projects to feature the theme/collections! 

Some people have said that Self-Care shouldn’t JUST mean getting a massage or mani/pedi or taking a bubble bath but if that’s how you relax and FILL YOUR CUP then DO IT!! (I definitely need to schedule a massage soon) 

I think for a lot of us in the crafting world, spending time focusing on a project, whether it’s painting in an art journal or creating a scrapbook page or card IS a form of self-care! I know that I’ve heard over and over that creating can be a source of stress relief. I’ve also experienced this, but I will admit that sometimes I don’t really have TIME to sit and MAKE something but I do have time to sit and watch a video and learn how to do something to try later when I have TIME. (Make sense?)  

Another phrase I’ve heard often is that taking time for creativity feels selfish. Well, my mantra is “you can’t pour from an empty cup” (similar to “put your oxygen mask on first then assist others”) and if you fill your cup by playing with paint or paper or stickers then in the end, that will help you feel more balanced to take care of the other people in your life. And while you’re making a quilt (which will likely be gifted) or a card for a loved one, or a scrapbook page with photos and stories about your loved ones, you’re not being selfish, you’re showing you care in a tangible way!

Oh my goodness, when did this turn into a TED talk on the benefits of Creativity for mental health? (I will step down from my soap box now)

Whew! So what does this mean as a THEME for the Piece Craft Love community? Well, please let me tell you. I’ve selected a collection from Simple Stories called Beautiful and I’ve mixed and matched some other papers PLUS extras (stamps, stickers, ink colors) to build an entire Self-Care Collection page

My creative Ambassadors are working on projects with this collection and we will be posting everything on or around January 31 in the FIRST EVER Piece Craft Love Maker Squad Hop!! This hop will primarily be hosted on YouTube but there will be posts on Instagram as well all the way through the end of February. I hope these projects will inspire you to create something along with us with this collection or whatever you have that works with this theme! The next hop will take place on or around March 1st.

Also, we will share projects using the hashtag #pclmakersquadhop and YOU can as well!

Just like I did for the Color Challenge, I will draw a winner (in this case on February 28) to receive a $25 gift certificate to the shop! In fact, you can start sharing with that tag right now! 

You’ll even get an entry if you use the tag for a Haul video/post! 

And if you’ve never seen a haul video before, why not stop by my YouTube channel and check out the one I shared a couple days ago? You’ll be able to see the Self-Care collection In Real Life (IRL) and get a better idea of how this theme works.

I’ve love to have you join this challenge and I can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy Crafting,


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