So what is Documenting December? That, my friend is an excellent question! Here’s a little back story to share what I’ve learned about Documenting December. A couple months ago, I was chatting with friend, customer and now Creative Ambassador, Kimberly, from the I’d Rather Be Scrapbooking blog/MeWe group. She is my GO TO source for ALL THINGS scrappy! I was thinking about what creatives do during different times of the year, specifically the month of December when we have OF COURSE already finished ALL our holiday shopping and made ALL the holiday cards and gifts we’re going to make (because I’ve NEVER sewn binding on a quilt the night before it’s meant to be gifted to someone or stamped a card the hour before we left for a party!)

It went a little like this:

I said, “What do creatives do during the month of December?”

Kimberly said “Oh, well scrappy peeps do Documenting December!”

I said, “Uh, what?”

and then she calmly explained to me that Documenting December is a really fun challenge/event that encourages anyone and everyone to not only enjoy the holiday season by celebrating the traditions that they celebrate but to also DOCUMENT it with daily prompts, photos, stories, etc., just for December 1-25. Of course I had to know more so I went over to YouTube and started my “research” (aka fell down the Documenting December RABBIT HOLE!) but I also discovered the December Daily program that is offered by Ali Edwards and because I always love a month long challenge, I thought that with a little guidance (ok, A LOT of guidance) from Kimberly, I could TOTALLY put together a couple of special product KITS for Documenting December from Piece Craft Love!!

I was getting super excited about this prospect of creating a 6×8 kit and then Kimberly said “Hey, sometimes people just like to document the week leading up until Christmas, not all 25 days, and not everyone uses 6×8 albums.”

and I said, “Oh, cool, let’s use some of the THOUSANDS of designs of paper I have in the shop as a starting point and make a 12×12 kit too!”

and that is how we added the 12×12 kit to the mix!

So without further ado, here are the overview videos of the 6×8 and 12×12 Documenting December Kits!

6×8 Documenting December Preview

12×12 Documenting December Preview

These kits will be live in the shop next week (not sure of the exact day yet) so MAKE SURE you have joined the Documenting December email list because NOT ONLY will that list be the FIRST to be notified when the kits are LIVE BUT I will also be sending out extras to JUST that list!

You might be wondering why you should care about this if you don’t typically “do” scrapbook type things and you only really like to play with paint and glue and stuff. Well, this is going to be for YOU TOO because I’m totally planning ways to make a sort of hybrid album that includes all sorts of painty and collagey pages too! There is so much more to memory keeping than pocket pages my friends!

These kits are only going to be available in VERY limited quantities and I hope that you will be as excited about them as I am to tell you about them! Be sure to jump on that list and help me make the first annual Documenting December event a HUGE success!

Until next time Happy Crafting,

~ Anna

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