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By day a mom, wife and teacher, by night, a paper crafter!  Tamara has been a crafter her whole life but, for some reason, she’s always had an especially deep love affair with paper.  While her focus is primarily on manufacturing junk journals and elaborate folios, she finds herself dabbling in all kinds of paper crafting:  from creating 3D paper sculptures and functional handmade storage to designing fancy embellishments and beaded tassels.  With her reliable bestie of an Elna sewing machine as her sidekick, she’s game to try anything…. As long as it is connected to paper in some fashion.  You can find her masquerading under the handle Urbanforager1973 on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Welcome to the team Tamara!

Tamara and I became acquainted through a mutual friend on Instagram and I just knew when i saw all the amazing stuff she was making that Tamara and I needed to be friends! She agreed early on to make samples for the shop for me to share on my Instagram account. Her photography is spot on, her folios blow my mind every time and her time lapse is probably actually how quickly she really works (although she swears it’s not). This is why I (not so) secretly call her Speedy Fingers Tamara! I’m (of course) always inspired by what Tamara creates and how she can do that along with teaching littles and being a mom! Tamara seems to hang out the most on Instagram although she mentioned TikTok (what’s that again?).

Make sure you follow her in all the social places because she is constantly creating and posting amazing work!

Stay tuned for another Creative Ambassador introduction tomorrow!

Happy Crafting,


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